Weddings in Udaipur - The Venice of The East

Celebrate your dream wedding amidst the enchanting beauty of Rajasthan at Chunda Palace, a 5-star luxury hotel that perfectly encapsulates the essence of weddings in Rajasthan. Chunda Palace is a true embodiment of the Venice of the East, where every moment is adorned with intricate hand-painted and crafted artistry. The palace exudes a timeless charm, featuring traditional art forms like carved molding, ornate glasswork, and mesmerizing miniature art, showcasing the very essence of what Rajasthan symbolizes. With panoramic views of Lake Pichola and historic palaces like the Lake Palace and Jagmandir, our rooftop venues offer an unforgettable backdrop for your special day. We take pride in embracing the rich heritage of Rajasthan and extending the ethos of 'athithi devo bhava' to create a welcoming vibe that will capture your heart.

At Chunda Palace, we offer a unique and diverse range of wedding venues in Udaipur, allowing you to curate an exclusive celebration where no two venues are alike. From the large pillarless hall Mantarna to the more intimate Billiards room representing the traditional fine art of Mewar, whether you envision an intimate indoor gathering or wish to bask in the Udaipur weather with outdoor festivities, our picturesque locations offer a stunning canvas for your wedding dreams. With Chunda Palace's commitment to providing luxurious accommodations that cater to families and bridal parties, we ensure that your guests can stay together in spacious rooms, fostering a sense of togetherness and convenience.

Accessibility and safety are paramount to us. Our venues and rooms are wheelchair-accessible, offering convenience to all guests, including the elderly and families with children. The safety of your little ones is our priority, as all venues are enclosed to provide a child-friendly and secure environment. The unique vantage point of Chunda Palace, perched atop a small hill, offers unobstructed views of both sunrise and sunset, setting the stage for unforgettable sundowner weddings and capturing breathtaking moments in the golden light. Create timeless memories at Chunda Palace, where weddings in Rajasthan find their perfect blend of luxury, tradition, and natural beauty. Experience the magic of Rajasthan's wedding venues at its finest.